Bane's Story 


Bane, the Boston Terrier

Every animal that comes into our care has their own story. Sometimes we are able to learn a lot about their history, and then with others, all we can do is imagine, and pour our energy into their future. We want to introduce you to this special boy, who we’ve named Bane. Recently, one of our staff members found Bane, shaking, abandoned in a dirty box. We have no idea where he came from, or what he had been through, but we were astonished by his condition, and his immediately kind, trusting, and loving personality.

Bane came into our care incredibly emaciated, with sores all over his legs and feet, and very unsteady on his feet. He was only able to walk a few wobbly steps between trips and falls. He was weak, thirsty, hungry, and scared, but he was also so eager to wiggle his tiny body with excitement and sneak in sweet kisses. Bane has quite the journey and recovery ahead, and we will be sharing regular updates with you all about how he is progressing. While he needs to put on some weight, he needs to do so slowly and carefully, and he will have multiple appointments to help him on his road to recovery. 

We kindly ask that donations be made in honor of Bane, so we can continue to provide the love and care for neglected and abandoned animals like him. While we wish we knew more of his history, we know his future will be full of the love and care he truly deserves, therefore we challenge you to financially help Bane with his medical costs and other animals just like him.  




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